Smart development with Choreo

How to use AI-assisted development tools to build great applications with Choreo


Developers of today are on the move and they would love to develop code from wherever they go rather than worrying about moving all the IDEs, test tools, and other runtimes from machine to machine. That is the advantage of a web-based editor. It can be used from anywhere which has an internet connection and a device that is capable of running a web browser. If it is the same editor that developers work on their laptops, it is a win-win for both organization and the developer.

Choreo methodology

Choreo is a complete platform for developers to build great applications without any limitations. It gives developers the freedom to develop from anywhere and release applications at their will. Choreo has a web-based editor based on VS Code so that developers can build applications and manage their code repositories from that and a mechanism to push these changes to the development and production environments from the same interface. The figure below depicts the web-based editor in the Choreo platform.

Figure: Choreo web-based VS-code editor

Choreo offers the best of both worlds. Meaning, that it provides VS-Code, the most beloved editor by modern developers in a web-based interface. Developers don’t need to take their laptops or development tools wherever they go. Everything is installed and configured so that developers can build services from anywhere. Developers can write code, test, and debug from the same web editor without even publishing the code to the GitHub repository where Choreo stores the final code. A local workspace will be created for each developer on a cloud-hosted computer and the developers can think of it as developing code locally. Once they are satisfied with the development level testing, they can push the code to Choreo managed GitHub repository and start the deployment process from there.

AI Assistance for development

In addition to the standard features that are offered by the VS code editor, Choreo provides additional capabilities using AI for improved developer experience. It provides capabilities such as

  • Automated data mapping
  • Performance feedback
  • Code suggestions
  • Detecting code anomalies

These capabilities help developers to build robust, scalable, and high-performing applications.



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