Unintended Consequences

Last week our favorite leftist independent e-sheet, coloradopols.com, either jumped the gun or scooped everybody by reporting that Ken Buck will announce that he’s running for Colorado Attorney General regardless of what Cynthia Coffman does.

The Weathervane was unable to corroborate this intelligence. We do observe that Buck has recently cleaned up his Facebook page, removing things like his dog-whistle deploring of White Supremacists. So he may be preparing some kind of announcement.

It’s fun to consider what might happen if Buck doesn’t run again for his House seat, since either Chase Kohne or Karen McCormick is likely to clean the clock of any Republican newcomer, supported by newly energized CD4 Democrats and feisty grassroots groups like WTF.

But an even better consequence of Buck’s dislike of DC might be the retaking of the Colorado Senate by Democrats. We already have an excellent chance with Faith Winter challenging in Senate District 24.

What if a strong State Senator such as Jerry Sonnenberg of Colorado Senate District 1 were to enter the race for Buck’s seat in 2018 instead of running for re-election in SD1? SD1 is considered safe Republican, but without incumbent Sonnenberg in the race, would a dark-horse Democrat stand a chance? Anything can happen if Trump’s approval stays below 35%! And a Democratic Senate means Frackers Beware!

Originally published in The Weathervane No 17 on September 14, 2017. [Subscribe]

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