Raiffeisenbank Releases a New Mobile Banking App Protected with App Shielding

After a very long wait, Raiffeisenbank releases a new version of their Mobile eKonto app. Thanks to the great work by Zentity, the refreshed app is better, faster and more secure than ever before.

Not all the new things are visible though, and we must point one of them out:

We protected the Mobile eKonto app with App Shielding.

As mentioned in our previous post, the App Shielding technology by Promon protects the mobile banking app users against the mobile malware and threats related to the operating system weaknesses. At the same time, it helps the bank to stay compliant with the PSD2 requirements. From the user perspective, however, nothing changes. The shielded app operates as usual — it does not require any additional permissions, and it does not alter the user experience in any way.

The Speedy Project Delivery

One project aspect that we would like to highlight in this post is how quick and straightforward the delivery was. We managed to deliver the App Shielding to Raiffeisenbank in just a couple of weeks. Most of the project time was spent on user testing. The shielding itself took just a couple of hours.

How could it be so fast? It’s because the shielding process is fully automated and does not require any programming. We prepared the scripts and tools on top of the base Promon technology, and also the content for the website that a user sees in case of a non-standard situation. Shielding the app is then just a matter of running the scripts with an existing iOS or Android app package.

App Shielding process is fully automated and does not require any programming. An optional SDK integration is possible, but not required.

With the new mobile app by Raiffeisenbank, we can see a new emerging trend. The banks care about protecting mobile application runtime, and they invest resources in mobile app security in general. What was just a “security concept” a couple of years ago, became a standard feature of the mobile banking apps today.