Shifting to the Second Gear!

Lime is still a very early stage startup. But in the last couple of months, we have made a big step forward. What was a one man show about a year ago turned into a promising company and the things that we do have an impact. Our authentication technologies are trusted by the top local banks and we are making an amazing progress with our open banking initiatives.

The small fire has ignited. Now, we need to add fuel in order to be prepared for larger and more serious projects. With great power comes great responsibility. And we need to reflect that by making proactive company stabilization steps.

We believe that we have now moved to the “seed stage”. I will fund this stage using my own capital by investing 100k EUR (2.5M CZK) in Lime. We will use a smaller part (~25%) of the funds to increase our registered capital and the rest as a direct cash deposit.

We are increasing the registered capital mainly to improve our company image, since most of our customers are large enterprises who consider registered capital while evaluating their business partner. The rest of the finances will be used to accelerate our hiring process in order to make the company better equipped for future product development, for the new customers home and abroad.