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ThreatMark Will Enhance Wultra Authentication Technologies with Behavioral Authentication

Petr Dvořák
Nov 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Banking system security is a never-ending race between the cyber-criminals and people who try to fight against them. As the threat landscape evolves, banks need to implement new security measures to stay protected. Our authentication technologies provide great security on their own. However, we are always looking for improvements. Today, we are announcing a big one.

Alongside our strong cryptographic protection and mobile “app shielding” that protects the application runtime, we are adding support for the behavioral authentication and fraud detection. To bring this significant improvement, we teamed up with ThreatMark.

Behavioral authentication can sense the user’s identity just based on the user behavior in the system. This additional scoring can significantly improve the user experience by removing the necessity for less convenient means of authentication in situations where the identity can be sensed reliably and with a high level of confidence. At the same time, it improves security as well. In case an anomaly in user behavior is detected, online banking can either request a stronger authentication from the user, or it can postpone the payment until the manual verification.

By integrating ThreatMark solutions, we strengthen our position on the market, since we now provide 360° security for digital banking.

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