Talk to Wunderlist in Python

Today we’ve publicly released the Wunderlist API so you can programmatically talk to Wunderlist. Being a Python hacker I share some example code on how to do this in practice.

This Github repo contains a simple blueprint on talking to the Wunderlist API and two working examples on pulling your Coursera deadlines into Wunderlist as tasks with due dates and aggregating the Foursquare tips your friends left in your current city into a Wunderlist.

All code is tested on with a default Flask deployment on a Hacker account.

You maybe can find a working hosted version of the Coursera and the Foursquare scripts at my PythonAnywhere account, but they could go offline without any further notice.

Thanks to Torsten for pointing in directions and Franziska for the simple urllib-based approach on how to talk to the WL API.

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