Wurqs levels up 🚀

With a couple of grand in my pocket, no team and no real idea of where to begin, 9 months ago I set about building my first technology company, with the grand ambition to build ‘Linkedin for the Snapchat generation’.

Maybe that wasn’t the best way to start, but it makes today feel incredibly special with a product in market, over 2.5k users, the inception of an amazing team, and I’m delighted to announce, our first round of funding has been secured.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not quite a Techcrunch press worthy round (yet 😉), but more important than anything, it allows us to make our first hire and begin to evolve the product to a point where I believe we can justify a more formal and substantial round of funding.

I want to say a huge thank you to the investors (more on them in good time) from the UK, EU and USA who all believe in the Wurqs vision and mission, and provided us with a platform to go to the next level.

Now the hard work starts!

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