We’ve just hired a new animator to help with Hanky Panky.

Last time I wrote about the film was two months ago. The project had stalled and I was trying to rationalise a solution.

Since then, not much has changed.

We’ve been stuck on roughs for months now

Chuks was working with two younger animators, and they were…

CAC tried their best, but Saratu figured it out.

CAC reasons for not registering Wuruwuru

My friend Saratu is helping me with legal stuff. Like, for free!

In return, I’m helping her with website stuff. Sometimes I hate money, so this barter gives me a lot of joy.

She’s trying to get Wuruwuru registered again, and of course CAC responded with “WTF” (third time now).

I’m pairing with Daniel Orubo to publish a book. This is Experiment 5.

№ 1 was Hanky Panky the film, still ongoing.

№ 2 was Cover Bank, a visual database now with 5k images.

№ 3 was J Guide. We made two stories and started on a third.

№ 4…

Looking back, I typically did consulting work in three phases.

First, the early excitement. The idea is fresh, ginger is high, there’s plenty money and little distraction, so things move fast.

Up next, the dip. Tough problems and boredom slow you down. Money runs out, ginger dies and other things…

Between Eseosa and Jessica, we’ve uploaded 5,000 Nigerian album covers to an Airtable database. For now, I’m going to pause here.

We published a new J Guide a few months ago, but I’m only just getting to journal about it.

The first one “Rolling”, was about putting a joint together.

This one, “Getting High”, is about the biology of how we get high.

It’s set in a smoke sesh with…

I think I get it

Wuruwuru is no longer a team.

There’s no “we”. It’s just me making stuff with different people.

There’s no need to define what “we make”. It’s usually some random idea. It’s completely spontaneous.

The topics are not limited to internet culture in Nigeria. There’s no theme.

I can make whatever I want.

I need someone to design a microsite.

It’s called Cover Stories and it’s a series of interviews with people who make or collect album cover art. The first three interviews are with Niyi Okeowo, Duks and Funto Coker.

The project is essentially a landing page + 3 interactive essays.

I’ve tried out some ideas but we don’t need to use them. Prototype



Publishing experiments

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