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#34: April 2022

We’ve just hired a new animator to help with Hanky Panky.

Last time I wrote about the film was two months ago. The project had stalled and I was trying to rationalise a solution.

Since then, not much has changed.

Chuks was working with two younger animators, and they were really fucking up. One was just plain unreliable, the other had to stop working because his parents thought animation was demonic, etc. Excuses, excuses.

So, we decided the solution was to bring on a second freelance animator.

I was open to this because I understand. I’ve realised it’s outright impossible to create amazing work alone with people who’re learning. You have to pick a side, education or collaboration.

Another reason why this was appealing - despite having to pay more - is that I wasn’t confident in the “style” of the interns, especially in the difficult parts like the dream sequence. Truthfully, I’d accepted the animation was going to be a “great story but a bit meh stylistically”.

Chuks sent me a list of options, and the best of them was Joshua.

Joshua is a freelance animator and character artist who’s very passionate about community. (See his drawing challenges on Instagram)

I was immediately drawn to him because he draws women, and Hanky Panky is a story about two. Also, seeing him rally around other animators on Instagram made me super confident in his taste and work ethic.

I kinda wish we’d started this project with Joshua, but c’est la vie.

The production team now includes:

  • Yanmo (story)
  • Daniel (direction)
  • Jessica (script)
  • Oshuwa (voice acting)
  • Chuks (animation)
  • Joshua (animation)
  • Kolade (sound)
  • Osarumen (sound)
  • Saratu (legal)

So far, I’ve spent NGN 3.7m + $2600.

We expect to finish the film in 6 months.

Hanky Panky, April 2022.




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