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#41: Steady

via The Globe and Mail
We’re making a new website that should go live later this month. This version better explains the work we’re doing at the studio and makes it more accessible (esp the databases and creator profiles). Tomi & Nifemi are helping code the website and implement a CMS (Astro) to manage data easily. .
We’ve been helping Nicole set up a website/forum for The Writers Room. It’s been a really interesting learning experience for the team (Design, Wix, SEO, etc) but most importantly, we now have a community of 3000+ people to ask for writing advice.
We started redrawing the background images for Hanky Panky but still have a lot of work to do. We want the animation to be more detailed, gritty and representative of Lagos traffic but the first couple of images are a little off the mark. We’re hiring background artists to move faster. We’ve also been experimenting with film music and we’re due to wrap that up in a few weeks.
After six months, we finally have 10 stories for Feel Good! We originally wanted 12 stories for the anthology, but two of them are unlikely to come in before we’re ready to publish. The plan is to finish editing the stories in June, build the website in July and start publishing the stories in August.



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