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#42: Hanky Panky Score

One of the most crucial elements of Hanky Panky is the soundtrack. If we get it right, we get the audience to experience Lagos in a very genuine way. Original music (the score) is in turn an important part of the soundtrack as it goes a long way in defining the film’s identity.

We started working on the score late in January. I got Osarumen to help and he signed up Remy to produce. They started off with two variants: Ambient and Dark, which set the tone for the feeling we wanted to evoke.

After a few initial iterations, we took a step back in April to outline the conversation and agree on the structure and timing for the music. The outcome was a sound design document.

The concept for the score is to “follow” the conversation i.e. describe the mood in the car as the dialogue progresses. At first the group is happy, and even the first couple of seconds into the call, they’re still happy. But slowly, Aunty Yuwa sucks the joy out of the room with her questioning.

Our goal was to narrate that experience with the score.

Hanky Panky Sound Design

In May, we signed up a film producer Tosin to start the score again from scratch using the sound design document we created and the existing explorations from Osarumen and Remy as a guide.

His first draft was a bit too cheerful but the second set the tone for what we have now. The third iteration started out too emotional but was corrected into a toned-down version. Eventually, we arrived at what we have now.

In the end it took about six iterations by three producers to get to the final score for Hanky Panky.

The next step is to mix the score into the 5.1 Surround Sound format.

When the animation colouring and compositing is completed, we’ll also move on to sound post-production including background sounds, foley, and other types of music combined into the final mix.



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