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#43: Manifesto v2

New website at https://wuruwuru.com/

wuruwuru means crooked.

The project started out as an attempt to make a magazine, but then veered into an Instagram comic, an animated short film, and now a handful of experimental visual stories.

The big idea is to create a support system for independent creators to be able to experiment like this. We want to help artists and directors produce personal projects with high cultural value.

The plan is:

  1. Produce some projects
  2. Create a platform
  3. Build a paying audience
  4. Support other creators


Making things will help us understand how to help other creators. Our first collection of projects includes an Instagram comic, some databases, an animated short, a web series, a board game, and a book.

With each project, the goal is to create a new type of story, build a community of makers, and create useful documentation.

We’re looking to publish all six projects by February 2023.


Next, we can use our content to kickstart a publishing platform e.g. a physical magazine or an online publication.

With this platform, niche storytelling, high quality visual content and social media, we can try to build a global audience.


The studio is currently self-funded, but the long-term model for sustainability is to crowdfund operations.

We believe it can work because the stars are aligned. Thanks to music, Nigeria has the attention of the world. It’s never been easier to move money internationally. And social media distribution keeps getting better.

Hopefully, we can get 100 True Fans from our audience to commit some money to indie creators every year.


If this all works, we can then support creators by designing and funding programs in established institutions. Partners will provide space and operations, which will keep our overhead low.

New website at https://wuruwuru.com/



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