#50: Show & Tell

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2 min readDec 1, 2022


And we’re done! In exactly two weeks, we’ll screen Hanky Panky to an audience for the very first time.

I’ve invited a small group of friends and makers to a private event where we’ll also present E Dey Happen, Album Cover Bank and LUDO. It’s been two years and this feels like a befitting close.

I’m also thinking about doing an online screening if enough people are interested. (Closed)

Screenshot of wuruwuru.com homepage

I consider this to be the end of “Season 1”.

It took two years, cost north of $70k and yielded two animated shorts, three websites, six databases and a custom Ludo board.

More importantly — and not as quantifiable — it evolved into a small community of makers. I connected with some really brilliant people. It was a reason to keep in touch with friends and it created space for us to play.

wuruwuru has been an outlet for old and new skills. I made posters, wrote code, directed films and experimented with org design. I learnt about comics, animation, sound production, publishing and wood making.

I think of it as a kind of graduate program for the team. We learnt how to work with strangers. How to set up a company. How to license a song. How to make websites. How to write. How to produce films. How to direct creators. And we did all of this remotely.

It really was an education.

Screenshot of wuruwuru.com project page

The studio will continue to run next year, but we don’t need a team anymore. After December, we’ll stop paying salaries.

Projects will be handed off to their creators — Eris (E Dey Happen), Yadi (LUDO), Tomiwa (Album Cover Bank) and me (Hanky Panky, J Guide). Each of us is capable enough to run our thing, and if we ever need help, we can always consult the network. Williams and I will continue Feel Good.

I’ll work with Temi to define the network and come up a system for engagement, responsibility, reward, etc.

It’s not the end, but we’ve come to an end.

It has been two years well spent.

Worth it.