#51: Act 2

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2 min readFeb 26


If you haven’t, read the manifesto first.

Guests at the Show & Tell

Act 1 of wuruwuru crescendo’d at the Show & Tell last December where we presented Hanky Panky, E Dey Happen and LUDO to an audience for the first time. It marked the end of two years of production experiments.

Since then, we’ve trudged the now-called “season one” projects along: Daniel has sent Hanky Panky to festivals, Eris is looking to get E Dey Happen into an animation program, Tomiwa is following up with Album Cover Bank, and so far we’ve delivered 18 LUDO boards.

The next act is editorial.

After two years, I’ve come full circle to making a magazine, and this time, we may have what it takes: capital, organisational structure, a network of peers to learn from, a pool of talent to work with, a bed of content and most importantly, something to say.

Because of the studio, I’ve met a lot of interesting people and learnt much about making things and things made in Lagos. I want to document the best of these ideas, objects and people. I want to journal the process of making what we have in a teachable format, and I’d like to see people dig into the research we’ve gathered for insights.

Strategically, this is the next step in the studio’s long-term goal to build a support system for indie creators. I’m betting the kinds of stories we tell can attract a global audience of people who’re willing to drop money. The magazine is also an attempt to bring people with shared interests together and create space for ideas and conversations.

I need someone to lead this project.

An ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Can do this job full time
  • Writes beautifully
  • Is interested in cultural documentation
  • Has directed an editorial team of writers and designers
  • Has produced multimedia content e.g. videos, podcasts
  • Understands online publishing and distribution
  • Can manage social media for multiple brands simultaneously
  • Understands marketing automation tools like Mailchimp
  • Can produce basic graphic design in Canva or Figma
  • Communicates clearly
  • Works in public
  • Has managed people
  • Can demonstrate systems thinking
  • Is exposed to corporate finance
  • Understands agile development
  • Has an eye for editorial design
  • Has a track record of making things

Additionally, they should be someone who:

  • Takes things seriously
  • Doesn’t take things too seriously
  • Is a good listener
  • Pursues growth and learning
  • Cares about typography
  • Considers themselves an artist
  • Is an independent thinker
  • Has great visual taste
  • Is digitally organised

If this is you, please send in an application.