WWDC Round-up

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S/C-testing is a new A/B-testing for iPhone

or why Apple is a marketing genius

Have you heard the latest news?
So iPhone 5s outselling iPhone 5c two to one…

The best part of iOS 7

App developers are rejoicing worldwide and they don’t even know it yet.

Congratulations! You created your minimum viable product for…

No more spoon-fed technology: A eulogy to skeuomorphism

How to cope with iOS 7's final nail in the coffin of “lifelike” effects

Apple’s Transformation

iOS 7 is the New Beginning

During last six, or so months, there have been many articles commenting, or speculating on Apple’s prospects as a…

How to Manage Your Android Application development Project within Your Budget? 

Are you facing trouble to manage your android development project within your budget…

iPhone is like Cocaine

Cocaine is God’s way of telling you you are making too much money.

So what an iPhone basically entitles you is to just to get on ahead…

Dare to be Boring

Is flat design just a fad or is it progress? 

I’ve typed and deleted many words since the flat trend began in the design community. Many of those…

Make Every Pixel Count

Your eyes were designed to explore a rich and physical world. But you’re looking at a screen right now. In fact, you probably spend a lot of your day looking at a…

Why iOS 7 fascinates me

I’ve been trying to understand the reason behind my current fascination with all things iOS 7. It marks the first time I’ve actually installed the beta ahead of the…

شكرا ابن الهيثم

بمناسبة مرور ١٠٤٨ سنة لميلاد الحسن ابن الهيثم مخترع الكاميرا

لو رجعنا لما يقارب الألف سنة .. لوجدنا أن كلمة ( كاميرا ) كانت تتداول بين العرب تحت…

Designers, Shadows are Totally Fine in a Flat UI.

Why you still can (and should!) use shadows - even if Apple doesn’t.

iOS 7 beta is not for your regular iPhone

Buggy crashy unstable and no go back

I am one among those who couldn't help to waiting for the final release of iOS7…

iOS 7: The Emperor’s New Clothes?

In the classic story, the emperor’s court praises the beautiful new outfit. The spectacle goes on until the common folks have the courage to speak up.

Apple’s iOS7 should turbocharge travel apps

That sound you’re hearing is the sound of a thousand app developers clattering away on their keyboards as they attempt to retrofit all of the…

iOS 7 Is Revolutionary

The Future Looks Brighter Than Ever

Pretentious title, yup, I agree. But there is a reason: I am not sure if all the tech pundits and…

Die Zukunft von Apple

Wie geht es weiter mit dem weltgrößten Technikkonzern?

Im September 2012 erreichte Apple einen Aktienstand von 705 USD. Ein Jahr nach dem…

A New Benchmark

Apple’s new battery life standards will set the bar for other vendors… again.

Apple released a plethora of new products this past week at their Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). New iPhone software, new Mac software, new desktop hard drives and new laptops rounded out their event. They even gave an unprecedented sneak peek at their…

WWDC Round-up
WWDC Round-up

Posts on Apple’s developer conference

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