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News From Our Partners

Sidus Heroes

Aside from rolling out a wide array of bug fixes and improvements, the SIDUS team has continued to prepare the launch of the new Reproduction Facility, Marketplace, and Space Shuttle Shipyard modules. To not miss any of the ongoing contests and giveaways, be sure to follow the team on Twitter.


Blockasset recently started BLOCK Party, a live talk show on their Youtube channel hosted by award-winning presenters Adam Catterall & Nick Peet. A partnership with AllStars Gym, based in Sweden that wishes to expand to the rest of Europe.


All of Symbiosis’ smart contracts passed their security audit. The assessment was carried out by Zokyo, and the audit report can be accessed here. We would like to congratulate the Symbiosis team for this achievement, which serves to demonstrate that their products are designed and built with user fund protection at the forefront.

DeFi Land

Play & Earn Beta Phase 2 went live on May 18th and reached the 500k game sessions milestone just 2 days later. An analytics and insights platform is currently being built by the team to better understand how the games are being played.

Aleph Zero

On May 25th, Aleph Zero co-founder Adam Gagol traveled to Croatia, where he gave a talk on the privacy limitations of DeFi systems based on ZK-SNARKs (short for Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments of Knowledge). The talk was given as part of the BlockSplit 3 2022 Conference.

WWVentures Announcements

We announced our partnership with Blocklords, a metaverse game with epochal ambitions; click here to access it.

We also announced our partnership with Kaidro Chronicles, a transmedia project developed by Gadget-Bot. You can read it here.

Major Headlines in Crypto

The Brazilian Stock Exchange will launch Bitcoin and Ethereum futures

Portugal considering capital gains tax for cryptocurrency

EY unveils supply chain tracking service on Polygon Nightfall

Spotify reportedly tests NFT galleries on musician profiles

Ethereum’s main testnet set for proof-of-stake merge in early June

Dapp Industry Report — April 2022

Revolut’s planned native token will reward customer loyalty, Storonsky says

Tether reduces commercial paper holdings to improve quality of reserves

Luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer inks deal with BitPay to accept crypto online in the US

Report: Top 10 Crypto Trading Countries

China Can’t Seem to Stop Bitcoin Mining

WEF 2022: Serious people will stay in crypto despite market setbacks, says CCI CEO Sheila Warren

Coinbase becomes the first crypto company to enter the Fortune 500

WEF 2022: Blockchain community breaks stereotypes at Davos

WEF 2022: NFT custody is ‘the missing piece’ for mainstream adoption, says Veritic CEO

Tether launches new stablecoin pegged to Mexican peso

For Financial Advisors, Bitcoin Is the Next Nasdaq

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