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News From Our Partners


Blockasset just released a new version of their whitepaper, which goes into much greater detail on athlete social tokens; Click here to access it. Also, the team has partnered with Crossmint in an effort to make NFT mints more accessible by enabling bank card payments. Click here to listen to their latest AMA together.


Aside from refreshing their website’s layout and content (which you can peek at here), SubQuery has also entered a new partnership with Polkadot wallet Talisman. The agreement allows Talisman to provide users with key insights on their Crowdloans Dashboard.

DeFi Land

You can now rename any of your Gen-0 NFTs both in-game and on-chain. This feature was enabled just as DeFi Land’s Play-to-Earn functionality is at the doorstep. 4 different games will be introduced, and owning a Gen-0 NFT will be required to access them.

Aleph Zero

Staking went live on mainnet on April 27th; you can now earn passive income by staking your $AZERO here. We would also like to congratulate the Aleph Zero team for being the Coin of the Day on Lunar Crush, on April 14th! We believe this is a clear demonstration of investors’ belief and confidence in this top-tier project.

Boson Protocol

$BOSON is now listed on Changelly, its 7th exchange so far. The BOSON team also published an in-depth article on Web3 network effects; click here to read it. They also secured a partnership with Artpool to create a digital to physical art exhibition.

Notable Investment News


You can now stake your $SWASH tokens on Ethereum, Polygon, and Gnosis. The APY is currently 100% and requires a 3-month lockup; get started here! Additionally, Swash Smoke (a program aimed at burning 10% of the total $SWASH supply) started 2 weeks ago; Read all about it here.

Major Headlines in Crypto

Central Bank of Portugal Grants Country’s First Crypto License to a Bank


Emirates plans to launch NFTs and expand experiences in metaverse


Gulf Energy pursues joint venture with Binance, invests in BNB


Ripple claims ‘a very big win’ in SEC case


Liquid staking protocol Lido allocates $6 million to Ethereum development


German banking giant Commerzbank applies for crypto license


Aptos Labs strikes first cloud partnership deal with Google


Coinbase NFT marketplace goes live in beta for select customers


Robinhood to acquire crypto wallet and card startup Ziglu


Morgan Stanley Says Crypto Could Become More Widely Used as Currency


Goldman Sachs reportedly eyes FTX alliance with regulatory and public listing assistance


Polygon launches ‘Supernet’ chains, pledges $100M to Web3 developers


Twitter to test out Stripe’s newly added support for USDC payments


USN stablecoin goes live on Near Protocol


Web3 solutions aim to make America’s real estate market more accessible


Bitcoin Declared Legal Currency in Central African Republic


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