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All addresses holding Aegis Archetype NFTs (including DAGs and Iron Pigeons) have been airdropped Cryptogram NFTs. Cryptograms are said to be “encrypted envelopes for the Ex Populus Trading Card System”. Ex Populus’ Trading Card Game is expected to be released Q3 2022.

Sidus Heroes

The SIDUS metaverse continues to expand at an impressive rate: the Resource Collection Campaign has started for the Reproduction Facility, Marketplace, and Space Shuttle Shipyard, meaning they will soon be added to the game. All 3 modules require composites, $SIDUS and $SENATE (and in some cases, metals as well).


NFT staking v2 is live for all Legends and Exiled Lomus collection holders. May 6th also marked the beginning of a new series for “BlockAccess”, this time featuring MMA fighter Michael Venom Page. Click here for the trailer, and here for the full video.

Aleph Zero

Unsurprisingly, Aleph Zero continues to make the headlines. At the time of writing, more than 65% of the circulating $AZERO supply is staked. Support for Aleph Zero has also been added to SubWallet; support for staking is expected soon. We recommend peeking at the team’s latest monthly summary to get a full grasp of all recent developments.

Boson Protocol

Aside from $BOSON being listed on Huobi on May 4th, the Boson Portal Fashion District has now logged 8.5k sales (2.4k for physical items and 6k for digital items). Follow Boson Portal’s dedicated Twitter page to not miss any of the action. If you’re reading this on time, you might even get the chance to earn some $BOSON as part of the MegaCube 2 event currently underway in Decentraland.

WWVentures Announcements

We announced our partnership with AssetDash, an all-in-one portfolio tracker for investors. Click here to read about it.

Major Headlines in Crypto

El Salvador Bitcoin wallet shows ‘strong sign of adoption’, exec says


Kraken opens waitlist for forthcoming NFT platform


Polkadot now lets you natively send tokens across parachains


Luna Foundation Guard acquires additional 37,863 BTC as part of reserve strategy


Binance joins funding for Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter


Gucci to Start Accepting Crypto Payments in Some U.S. Stores


Congress schedules hearing on FTX’s proposal for disintermediation


Ice Cube backs DOGE and an ‘incredible and historical’ transaction


Arianee Raises $21M to Bring Luxury NFTs to the Metaverse


KuCoin to launch DeFi products in 2022 with fresh $150M raise


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