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Staked NFTs can now be tracked through the AssetDash, which likely contributed to getting it ranked #1 in the App Store for the “NFT Portfolio Tracker” keyword. Also since the last update, your portfolio can be tracked by specific asset classes. Download the AssetDash today to upgrade your investing experience!


Multiple integrations and partnerships have been made between Symbiosis and promising crypto projects such as Occam Finance, Opera Crypto Browser, Rubic, ChainSwap, AlgoBlocks and more. To top things off, over 35 assets (including $APE and $ENJ) have been listed by Symbiosis.

Aleph Zero

3 Aleph Zero news pieces have drawn our attention recently. First, $AZERO is now listed on Uphold; you can also now stake your coins on mobile through the Nova Wallet. Finally, smart contracts successfully went live on the Aleph Zero Testnet on June 22nd, marking an important milestone in the ecosystem’s growth.


The $STATE single-asset staking program has been live since June 15th, offering an 187% APY at the time of launch. To get started, head to http://staking.parastate.io and connect to your wallet of choice. To know more about ParaState’s implications with Ethereum staking, read their latest article by clicking here.

WWVentures Announcements

Tune into our AMA with SubQuery on June 26th, on Twitter Spaces!

Major Headlines in Crypto

OpenSea announces new security features to protect users from NFT scams


Binance aims to become a super app with Splyt crypto partnership


Chainlink integrates with Moonbeam to provide price data to Polkadot developers


Circle launches euro-backed stablecoin EUROC


Metaverse could be worth $5 trillion by 2030: McKinsey report


Decentraland DAO votes to give Decentral Games $1 million grant


Shopify unveils tokengated commerce as part of new connect-to-consumer experience


Binance-owned Trust Wallet adds buy option via Binance Connect

Solana’s developers unveil web3-focused mobile phone


Cristiano Ronaldo to get football fans into Web3 with Binance partnership


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