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News From Our Partners

Sidus Heroes

Spaceship Shuttles, the gateway to exploring the SIDUS metaverse, will be put on pre-sale after the public beta launch (which will offer $10M in rewards to winning teams and contributors). 6 shuttle types with varying seat capacities will be made available in limited quantities. Finally, 20M $SIDUS tokens were burned mid-month as planned.


Single-asset staking for $BLOCK will go live on January 30th. Besides being able to participate in governance voting, stakers will be rewarded with $ASSET tokens. $ASSET will be the only way to obtain custom NFT drops with countless benefits like VIP Discord access, early beta testing, exclusive content and more.


Phase 1A of Genopets’ Private Beta started on January 20th, marking a major milestone for the world’s first move-to-earn game. Testers earn $GENE tokens and XP for staying active, in exchange for giving valuable feedback to the development team. After the private and public beta are concluded, features like $GENE staking, challenges and habitats will be rolled out.


SubQuery celebrated the Encode Club Polkadot Hackathon winners, a 10-week event aimed at bringing more builders to the Polkadot ecosystem. Subquery sponsored 3 challenges (“Build a Bot”, “Dashboard” and “DeFi Dapp”), a great opportunity for developers to familiarize themselves with the project and its data. For more details, click here.

DeFi Land

Besides new in-game pets and buildings, DeFi Land will soon have its first NFT sale in the upcoming weeks (more details are expected soon). A short video was also published about a so-called “Secret Spot”, accompanied with “#MultiChain”. This could lead to believe that DeFi Land will be operating on other chains soon.

Aleph Zero

Seeking to grow and strengthen its community, Aleph Zero launched an Ambassador Program. Details about its staking program were also released earlier last week; click here. Finally, with its Network Revamp complete, the team is now preparing to launch its Smartnet, a secondary testnet aimed specifically at testing Aleph Zero smart contracts.

Major Headlines in Crypto

Andreessen Horowitz Looks to Raise $4.5B for New Crypto Fund


Billionaire Investor Bill Miller Puts 50% of Net Worth in Bitcoin


Brazilian Mayor to Reportedly Invest 1% of City Reserves in Bitcoin


Crocs is Chomping into NFTs


Crypto-Related Job Postings Jumped 395% in 2021


Going Meta: Disney, Second Life and K-Pop


PayPal Explores Launch of its Own Stablecoin


Samsung is Putting NFTs in its Smart TVs


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