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Come for the trading, stay for the crypto community.

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You might have heard about us on Twitter, Twitch or YouTube.
You might have seen our flashy logo and raised an eyebrow.
You might have wondered what “WWG” stands for — or perhaps you already know.

Whatever it is, you’re probably here to find out more about us. In a nutshell, Walsh Wealth Group (WWG) is the best and fastest-growing community in crypto and we’re about to tell you why.

Since Bitcoin’s inception, cryptocurrencies have made wealth building more accessible than ever before. However, “accessible” doesn’t always mean “easy”; although there have been various reports of “Crypto Millionaires” in recent years, getting there isn’t quite as easy as it appears.

One needs an understanding of blockchain technology and how it relates to cryptocurrencies, investing basics like fundamental and technical analysis, risk management abilities, grit, rational thinking, and patience — just to name a few. We realize that this can quickly become overwhelming to a novice investor.

That’s Where We Come In To Play.

Founded by CryptoGodJohn as a single-channel Telegram group in early 2020, WWG migrated to Discord in August 2020. Since then, we have grown tremendously, both in terms of member count and service offerings.

We have over 4,000 members of all ages, living in all areas of the world, with various crypto experience levels, interests, and ambitions. One thing we all have in common: a desire to make money together and have fun doing so. Our core values are family, mutual respect, and accountability.

4,800 discord members; 40 channels; 15 moderators. 83% of members joined in 2021. There are 37,900 twitter followers. The discord was founded by Crypto God John. Most members live in North America or Europe.
Community Stats

For beginners:

  • Curated resources to help you get started trading and — most importantly — how to avoid rookie mistakes.
  • Trading plans, technical analysis, and moderator live-streams to feed your educational appetite.
  • Trading challenges run by moderators to help you grow your account.
  • Opportunities to talk with moderators one-on-one!

For experienced traders:

  • Chances to showcase your skills and rise in the ranks within the community.
  • Potential to score your very own corner channel for the entire group to follow your trades.
  • A hall of fame that showcases expert-level calls from the chat.

Once you develop your trading style, you will find it all in WWG: dex trades, short-term and long-term plays, spot, and futures trading.

Futures Trading

Non-US traders can enjoy futures trading for a ton of coins on Binance. If you’re located in the US, many coins are available for futures trading on KuCoin.

Futures Trading

Dex Trading

For those familiar with Uniswap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap and other DEXes, WWG provides trade ideas for small and mid-cap coins that have the potential for significant gains.

Above And Beyond Trading: A Community

Beyond the wealth of crypto trade ideas and educational resources, WWG is built on a strong group of people from around the world that share similar interests, goals, and the desire to help one another succeed. Members can look forward to community events, giveaways and retreats. There’s more but we’ll keep it a secret for now.

Community Strength

That’s right, we’re not making anything up: our Discord is helping members reach new heights in their crypto journeys. This group isn’t your first-class ticket to a life of wealth and luxury, but it certainly is an amazing tool to help you get there more easily and enjoyably with the support of an incredible community. Don’t just take our word for it; if you’re still not convinced that Walsh Wealth Group is the place to be, check out a few testimonials from real Discord users here.

March 2021 WWG Retreat in Tulum, Mexico

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DISCLAIMER: None of the content in this article or on the WWG website or Discord constitutes financial advice. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile assets and the risk of losing money is considerable. Always do your own research and invest at your own risk.



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