Traders who have the zeal to succeed in the Foreign Exchange Market will usually seek to use the best trading platform that may contribute to their winning chances.

The fact is : “It is every trader’s dream to conquer the market at the end of the day”.

Today we are going to explain one of the best platforms that are commonly used by Forex Brokers and Forex Traders to access the live streaming of charts and prices from the Foreign Exchange Market.


A Meta trader platform is usually refereed too — as an MT4 trading platform and has been adopted and licence to many Foreign Exchange Brokers. The MT4 platform is use by the Foreign Exchange Brokers as the method of providing information from their servers to their clients who are Forex Traders, in simple you may say this is a three way communication platform displayed in this form;


Here you will conclude that the Foreign Exchange Market includes the London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Sydney Stock Exchange and others and the Forex Brokers include brokers like Easy — Markets, FXCM and others, lastly the Forex traders are individual traders who open their trading accounts with Foreign Exchange Brokers which whom are the one responsible to request the prices quotes from the Foreign Exchange Market and then they charge the commission to their clients ( Forex Traders )


We all know that there is always the first product development and also there is an improvement of every products and can happen any time when the need arises, it is the same with the Meta trader it is having different electronic versions and was upgraded to Metatrader4 and Metatrader5 and this upgrading can still happen in years to come.

We all know that ;

The reason for upgrading software’s or other electronically products is to make them more faster and reliable to use and also to accommodate our natural quick thoughts.

The Meta trader 4 was found reliable to use by many Forex Brokers, however some brokers have their own other in-house trading platforms used to trade like the web-traders etc.


Meta trader may be used for viewing live streaming prices

Meta trader may be used for viewing live streaming charts

Meta trader may be used to open trading orders

Meta trader can be used to close trading orders

Meta trader may be used for opening Demo trading account

Meta trader may be used for Market orders

Bid and ask prices are displayed for traders to accept or reject the price offer

Finally — Meta traders are very useful and easy to use, many Forex traders find them very reliable to use and they have been the best trading platform since 2005 when it was first released and introduced. There are a lot of things which traders have taught themselves about the market while using the MT4 and MT5. They were able to create their own Forex trading Roborts. Here is the MT4 that you can use as a trader.