the quality of being a leader

The Quality of being a good leader is the same as the quality of being a hopeful slave!

Being a good leader is like being in the old African royal house, in this house kings are not appointed by votes but you are born to be a king, “ so confuse I am sure”, I mean the kingship runs in your blood.

Those individual who were born to be kings master to be leaders because they were born to be one, they understand what is it to be a leader, they know very well that a good leader lead people behind them not in front of them, you might ask yourself why am I saying this? If you lead people when you are behind them it simple means you will always see all their mistakes and successes since they are in front of you, just like a shepherd taking care of his sheep, you will have to correct them one by one of their mistakes and applaud them of their achievement.

However if you lead people when you are in front of them, they will fall and you won’t see them since you have advanced the way ahead of them, “you are simple a leader with no qualities like many I have seen” , they progress the way aggressively not even knowing where they are going, when you do this type of leadership then you will eventually find all you followers gone, “they have fallen and you didn’t lift them up, they were ill-treated and wounded and you were not there for them”.

Back to our topic, a leader must have passion to serve people, whether in your workplace or in what so ever place you possess power, they usually say you lead by example but I say you lead by learning from other people.

We have seen this type of leadership drowning a lot of boats, I call it an “egocentric leadership”, with this type you are so greedy, you quickly collect money to your pocket forgetting about other people who brought you to power, people who advised you to be in your chair, with your greedy collection eventually you will notice that your pocket is having a huge hole, {those are the teas of innocent people}, all your achieves and collection has been wasted. You will then say “it was better if I never been a king perhaps I would be a wise person”.

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