Smile, and the world smiles with you . . . please.

It seems like doom and gloom left right and centre, doesn’t it? But it’s times like these, more than ever, that we need comedy more than ever to unite us. Remind us of our flaws, unite in laughter at our flaws, because we are all just human — trying the best we can. And it’s a great time to be a comedian . . . because the scripts write themselves really! It’s hard to top the truth at the moment!

Come and join me. I love this world. I love the many colourful people I’ll never tell you about that I’ve met in my life — they’ve made it a full and beautiful life! And I hope you’ll be part of it. Don’t let the seemingly uneducated few, who believe they have the power, take away the beauty of our everyday lives. Let, us, the majority, the proactive, the positive, forward thinkers — take control of the future. The few seemingly corrupt politicians cannot detract from our quality of life. The spice of variety we are so lucky to have every day. The good natured people we come across on a daily basis.
Now, more than ever, it’s time for us to join together, and celebrate ourselves, our power, our flaws, and our individuality. I hope to meet you all soon, in this rainbow nation many fought so hard for.

Thanks for having me South Africa. xxxx