Viva Mandela! Still uniting South Africa.

Tonight I’m hosting a comedy charity event as part of the Mandela Day Charity Initiative. 67 minutes out of the your life isn’t a lot to ask is it? 
Not when you think about it. 67 minutes of one day.

Imagine . . . A Saturday afternoon. All the football supporters across the world took the 90 minutes usually reserved for watching the match, do something that benefits someone else, someone with less. To just once not enjoy the luxury of going to the match, but dedicate a small amount of time to better someone else’ life.

Anything for their fellow man. The world could be better place over night!
All “Madiba” is asking for - is 67 minutes, out of the world we live in as a result of a lifetime of work by the legend.
Go on - give it a go ! 
I’ll be giving back on a live comedy platform at a sold out local venue. 18 comedians and more, jumping up and giving back to society.

Though, even so, they only doing 6 — 7 minutes each! But that’s work ethics as interpreted by comics for you! (Lazy sods!)

Peace and love to you all. X
Today, consider the sacrifices Mandela made for us. In the spirit of this special day in his honour.