1 easy step to Build Personal Brand Identity that makes a statement

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3 min readNov 1, 2017
Make your passion your personal brand identity.

I don’t know if this happens to you? To me, sometimes when I hear brand dentity the first thing that comes to mind is “business.” I guess this is because, in a bid to get goods and services across to their end users, the advertisement industries have consistently shone their spotlight on business branding identity and image making. Such, that it is very easy to recognize businesses by their brand images and identities. For instance, when you see even a faint image of a one-sided bitten apple, you tend to think of Apple Inc. products. Or when you see a red letter “M” on a white background, you are also apt to quickly scroll through your Gmail for emails or messages if you have one. That is the much we are conversant with business brand identities. The question would be what is a personal brand identity

Personal brand identity

Though, we are talking about 1 easy step to create a personal brand identity that makes a statement. We must first of all look at what is a Brand identity? Brand Identity is not just an act of building logos, taglines, websites, vision and mission statements, core values etc for your business brand. It is simply a distinct means of identifying anything. Be it a business, a house, a career, a person, animal and even abstract things. Branding identity is simply distinctively crafting a tailored look that represents the “handshake” or the reminder for your business or personality. When you set out to create a personal brand, you are simply going to create what will remind your audience of whom you are. What you do, what you have done and how you do things.

Look at it this way

The Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs from his teen days was famous for his “standoffish and frequent unpleasant interactions with peers and employees.” According to the bible, Jesus Christ was known for love and compassion towards his audience or followers. So are other great people who stood out and made or are still making history. In this article, we will unveil 1 easy step to create a personal brand identity that makes a statement.

To create a lasting personal brand identity that makes a statement, you must be vision driven. First of all, you have to answer the question “what would I want to be known for?” Before trying to figure out how to become that. This also involves discovering your life’s purpose. I know you must have read stuff on self-discovery which is driving you towards creating a personal brand? I am not going to bother you on that. However, if you have not discovered your purpose for living, I strongly recommend you take a journey of self-discovery. This is because your personal brand identity is supposed to revolve around your passion, and building an inspiring personal brand identity entails converting your distinct passion into your personal brand identity statement.

Build a personal brand identity that makes a statement

On building a lasting personal brand identity that makes a statement, the complete guide to building your personal brand by Neil Patel & Aaron Agius is a good place to start. The different steps you will need to craft a personal statement that will outlive you and stand tall as a source of inspiration for the younger generation were beautifully articulated in each chapter.

On a final note, I would like you to know that building a successful personal brand identity is as important as building a successful business or career brand. Take your time and do whatever it costs you to create an inspiring professional profile if you would want to be more successful in the era of gig economy.

Above all like a red chili pepper, create the color and hotness for your personal brand with your passion.

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