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Announcing Public Playground and Private Beta of the Timeplus Real-Time Analytics Platform

Fast + Powerful Real-time Analytics Made Intuitive

Welcome to the new era of Real-Time Analytics!

Today I am excited to announce the Public Playground and Private Beta are available as a cloud service.

As this diagram illustrates, Timeplus is a purpose-built real-time streaming analytics platform. You can send all kinds of streaming data into Timeplus Cloud, and just use SQL to get real-time insights. We provide out-of-box streaming data exploration and visualization UI to help data analysts to filter, transform, aggregate the data without writing a single line of code.

Taking the query in the above animation as an example:

Please check this 30-second short recording to experience our fast, powerful and intuitive platform.

Many features are not shown in this recording, including but not limited to:

It’ll be a long post to list all features and use cases. Please check our public Documentation for more details.

Join the Private Beta

Seeing is believing. We invite you to join the Private Beta to try our first MVP(Minimum Viable Product). It’s completely free. However limited seats are available. So sign up today.

We will schedule a meeting with you to understand your use cases, challenges and goals. By default, only the recent 7 days data are kept in each beta tenant. Talk to us if you need more.

Try the playground today

While we are preparing onboarding the first batch of lucky customers, everyone can try our Playground. No credit card, no sign up needed. We pre-populate streaming data based on our Demo Scenario, and prepare sample queries for you to ‘click-and-play’. You will experience how fast/powerful/initiative our system is. This is a read-only playground. In order to add your own data, create own charts, or send data to other systems, please sign up the beta.

Grow with us

We need your feedback to build a better stream-first product. Please join our Community Slack to share your suggestions and meet other stream analysts. Also, consider joining us to build the next-generation real-time analytics platform together.

The future is already here.

Welcome to the new era of Real-Time Analytics!



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