America #NeverLovedUs. Remember?

We’re living in a new era. It feels wrong to welcome you to it, since so few of us are actually welcome or safe in this new America helmed by Trump and his goons. But hello. We are still here. We are still for you. And we will still win.

#WeBuiltThis partnered with BLACK this week to revive the Dream Defenders #NeverLovedUs campaign. Why? Um.

Fuck Boy (n): “An adult human male with limited vocabulary, intelligence and leadership qualities who seeks respect and opportunities that he doesn’t deserve in order to harm others.”
Synonyms: liar, bigot, racist, white supremacist, misogynist, predator.

Just look at his cabinet picks, yo.

Oh. And here’s a little vocab for you word nerds out there.

Stay Black, stay beautiful, stay alive.