How to define the user segments for your app?

Carlos Barge
Aug 20, 2019 · 3 min read

Effective user segmentation helps track the various individual journeys of every app user. Relying on advanced industry-first data-driven analytics features such as funnels and flows are guaranteed to complement the process of gleaning real-time user behavior insights and eventually conceptualize, create and run highly personalized user engagement campaigns across multiple channels.

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Another benefit of app user segmentation is that a marketer can understand the market better and can concentrate his campaign accordingly. Another advantage is the fact that advertiser can adopt a more competitive position regarding other companies concentrating on a special group of users. There are great opportunities revealed in front of him if he invests time and effort to segment users’ behavior within the app.

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It is crucial to use segmentation in a proper way. Since there are an infinite number of possibilities to combine characteristics, it is very overwhelming when you think what attributes you can select to have the best results. There are various parameters based on which you can define user segments with regards to your app users.

User activity

Users take certain actions or inactions within an app that can be termed as events. This can be used to segment users into different categories. For instance; users who have downloaded a gaming app and completed the registration/sign-up process vs. those users who haven’t…or, users who have made a first-time booking on a travel app vs. those users who have postponed booking while they search for better prices on other platforms.

Frequency of user activity

The frequency with which users engage in different activities such as app launch, browsing, articles read, videos viewed, audio files downloaded or items purchased on the app becomes a vital segmentation criteria. For instance; users who have exhausted the free-limit of viewing 5 videos on an entertainment app in the last 30 days but haven’t signed up for a monthly/annual subscription vs. those users who have viewed less than 5 videos but have still signed up for the monthly/annual subscription in the same time period.

User profile attributes

Some services enable app businesses to create rich user profiles on our robust app analytics dashboard. This is a continuously evolving profile for every user who installs and launches the app; capturing their demographic data (age, gender, location), app and web interactions, purchase and/or booking history, etc. For instance; users who have purchased apparels in excess of USD 200 on an e-commerce app in the last 45 days vs. those users who have spent less than USD 200 on the same items in the same time period.

Geographic location of user

This is based on the last known geographic location of the user. For instance; a travel app can leverage this by segmenting users and then sending contextualized content around discounts on flight tickets or hotel bookings in that particular location.

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