Which mobile attribution is best for retail apps?

Carlos Barge
Aug 26, 2019 · 2 min read

Mobile app attribution is complex and often difficult to determine, due to a lack of common industry standards and agreements between multiple parties that result in disagreement. There are many factors that contribute to app install attribution such as clicks, ad impressions, engagement within apps, and actions taken on social networks. In order to judge who gets paid, an attribution firm must keep track of all of the above app metrics.

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In summary, there isn’t really a comparable product on the market today that better solves the needs of a retailer, in mobile and beyond, as the entire journey has some problems such as:

1) Retail sees some of the most complex and long-lived customer journeys. The shopping experience is a long process, where a user might engage with the brand across multiple platforms before ultimately purchasing. This might be the desktop site, social media, mobile web, and ultimately the app.

2) Beyond just measuring cross-platform user experiences. For example, the Journeys web-to-app optimization tool helps you build the ideal app promotions to snag the user from the mobile web at the right time. The text-me-the-app feature helps drive app adoption from the desktop site. All of these features allow the user to transition between platforms seamlessly and without logins.

3) Most gaming companies don’t think about re-engagement and care only about continuing to fill the top of the funnel with new users who will eventually churn. In retail, a significant chunk of revenue comes from repeat, engaged users. Re-engaging users requires a linking platform that supports all of those modes, including email or other channels.

Without mobile attribution tracking, marketing becomes a dark room where users may or may not emerge for your application, but you won’t know what influenced their decisions slightly or greatly.

Without mobile app attribution, you cannot tell what part of a sudden rise in installs the result of organic events such as word or mouth via social networks and what part of that increase is due to a particularly effective marketing campaign or advertisement.

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