Submission Guidelines

What to do… and not do… when writing for us

H.C. Holmes
Wylde at Heart Publishing
3 min readFeb 17


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Wylde at Heart Publishing welcomes you with open arms. A comfortable, encouraging place to read, write and explore the deepest recesses of your mind. We welcome fiction of any length, to a max of 3000 words, and any genre, save erotica, which can find its home with our sister publication, Wylde Erotic Cravings.
Our sole editor, at the moment, is @hcholmes.

We welcome…

✔️ Fiction (of all genres, nothing NSFW, please) and we encourage genre mash-ups.

✔️Submissions no more than 3000 words long. Longer works may be split into 2 or more parts for publication.

✔️We have a section, Microfiction, for stories less than 750 words. In order to have your microfiction sorted into that section, please tag them with microfiction.

✔️All Medium rules apply. You can read them here:

✔️ Unpublished drafts preferred, older works will be considered based on work submitted.

We refuse publication to …

✖️Stories featuring racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism, ageism, body shaming, or child porn.

✖️Stories loaded with misspelling or grammatical errors. Please edit your work for spelling and grammar before submitting.

✖️Stories depicting rape or sexual assault on the page.

✖️Rants, lists, or personal essays.

✖️Fictional stories only, please.

Laying out your story…

✔️Always put an image with your story. Keep image size between 800 -1500 horizontally. If needed, you can resize the image in Canva. And remember to caption the image with the copyright.

✔️ Position of the Title/subtitle (if you choose to add in a subtitle) is up to you. They can be above or below the image.

✔️Feel free to add links to other stories on Medium, personal website, blog, etc.

✔️ You can use up to 5 tags for your stories. Some tags you should add, depending on where you would like them be listed, are fiction, horror, poetry, and romance. If your story is less than 750 words, please include microfiction as a tag, or we will change it for you.

We are a community…

✔️ Share, clap, follow, comment… engage! Reader engagement is key. Encourage one another by following this publication and the editors and writers associated with it.

✔️ Read a story, clap for it, comment on it, follow the writer. Here on Medium, or any other social media platform. Support each other and watch what happens. It’s magical.

✔️ Feel free to email me at should you have any questions.

Here’s how to join our writing team…

✔️Comment on this piece with your Medium handle.

✔️ Email me at and leave your Medium handle and desire to write for us in the message.

✔️ Contact me on Twitter, @HCHolmesWrites, and let me know there.

If you decide to join our ranks, welcome.
If you just want to sit back with a glass of your favourite drink and enjoy the entertaining stories from our wide range of writers, welcome.

And, if you are a writer, remember, nothing grabs a reader’s attention like a story they weren’t expecting you to tell. So sharpen those pencils. Dust off that laptop. Dig deep and weave those twists, turns, leaps, and bounds into a strong story and submit it today.

I look forward to seeing you slide into my emails or DMs!

Ciao, darlings!