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I Watched My Mature Wife Bred by a Young Black Man

Emma Rose Erotica
Wylde Erotic Cravings
7 min readMay 24, 2024


This is a testament to my wife’s desire and willingness to explore and embrace new experiences.

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My wife and I had always considered ourselves pretty normal people; she’s a 60-year-old nurse, and I’m an accountant. Our sex life had always been every day enough, I suppose. We had a typical marriage and had never done any swinging or anything like that.

But I could hardly believe what was happening. Just a few hours ago, we were all strangers talking in a bar, and now he was in our bed, and he was fucking my wife.

As I watched Kate’s large, mature tits bounce under Drake’s thirty-year-old virile, muscular weight, I worried about him being too rough with her. At sixty years old, she wasn’t used to that level of fucking.

I considered telling him to stop, or at least take it easy, but then I saw her fingers claw at his tight, dark pecs, and she used her grip to steady herself against the pounding slides of his cock into her mature pussy. I had never witnessed my wife from this perspective before.

Her body was in motion, writhing on the bed, and I watched the way her legs splayed out on either side of his waist…