Cheating Husband — Erotic Fiction

Stay-At-Home Dad — Tutor and Cheater

Emma Rose Erotica
Wylde Erotic Cravings
10 min readJun 3, 2024


I was mesmerized by Alison — her lips curved when she smiled, her eyes lit up when she laughed, and her hair fell across her face.

Alison: Sexy.AI

I got hooked on the buzz of doing something I shouldn’t have. I kept telling myself it was just human nature to be curious. I convinced myself it wouldn’t touch my emotional love for my wife.

Kelly, my wife, was flourishing in her career as an attorney, and our twins were in school. We had built a life together, brick by brick, from the days of youthful promises and college dreams.

Kelly, my partner in life and love, was my rock. She had weathered the storms of my youth, and we had built a home for our family. She reminded me daily of the beauty and joy that life could hold when you shared it with someone who saw the world through the same lens as you.

We were a team, Kelly and me. We had our ups and downs, disagreements, and moments of doubt, but we always found our way back to each other through it all. We were partners in every sense of the word and could conquer anything together.

I had always been the one with a plan. Teaching was more than a job; it was my calling. But when the…