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Danger: Contains Pugs 🐶

The BYOB Week in Review: October 18, 2019

A lot to get to this week, but first: The Germans are racing pugs. [NYT]

That is all.

🍾 Photo Finish

A picture is supposed to say a thousand words, but there were two photos this week that could easily leave you speechless:

So, sure, the wagons of impeachment are circling and foreign powers from Ankara to Beijing have decided to pretend like America doesn’t exist (who can blame them?), but you better believe it was worth it for the lulz!*

*In case you don’t remember from a few weeks ago: Urban Dictionary is a cesspool of alt-right hate now!

🍸 Just Shiv Me

After long refusing to acknowledge its brilliance, I’m now one of those people who makes this song their ringtone and won’t stop telling people that Succession is one of the best shows on TV.

The show’s second season wrapped last weekend and even if you don’t watch I think you’ll agree that these links are so good you’d be more than willing to betray your [insert family member here].

🍷 Updates

🍹 Mixed Links

🍻 And finally this week…

From our friends at Little Old Lady Comedy



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Chris Barlow

Chris Barlow

New York-based playwright and host of America’s least-informative wine podcast. Insta/Twtr: @iamchrisbarlow