Quack Attack!


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It’s the question on every New Yorker’s mind this time of year: Have you gone to see the Hot Duck yet??

Yes, behold the mysterious (and sexy) Mandarin Duck of Central Park. Maybe the news channel you watch hasn’t been following this invasion of our nation’s eastern border as closely as the one supposedly happening down south, but the Mandarin (aka Hot) Duck is an Asian duck rarely seen here in North America. It likes to aggressively quack at ugly American Mallards and on the weekends it likes to get away from the city and hang out in… New Jersey. Yes, the Mandarin/Hot Duck is yet another gentrifier who just showed up in New York out of nowhere and acts like they own the place. But… have you seen it? [Links: Gothamist]

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From our friends at Little Old Lady Comedy

🍷 Wine Time!

It’s our first-ever “encore” episode of Chris Tries to Review Wine! Celebrate the L.A. premier of “Adam Adamson: Licensed Realtor” by taking a walk down memory lane with Adam Toback in this classic #CantoberFest tasting of Dark Horse Pinot Grigio.

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