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Will Bell
Will Bell
May 10 · 4 min read

Let me ask you a question. Just a simple one. Yes or no answers only please. In fact, forget language. Have a button instead, one you probably know well if you spend time online — a like button.

Do you ‘LIKE’ these sneakers?

Whether you hit that button or not, did your action express how you actually felt when you first saw them? Do you feel heard, understood?

Let’s try a better question.

How do you ‘FEEL’ about these sneakers?

Now we’re getting somewhere. Isn’t it time we moved beyond binary choices? We believe we’re at our best when we’re free to express ourselves.

That expression is at the core of what we’re building at wysker. We know you have so much more inside you than a simple ‘like’ can ever convey and we want to set that free. Our motion wizards have been hard at work. They took all those feelings we used to get when we flicked through clothing rails at the mall and distilled them into a new set of emojis for you. Oh and by the way, for when that still doesn’t cut it… comments are live too 🔥

The 6 Wysker Reactions

hot . wow . love it . lol . meh . nope

Reactions have been around for a while but at wysker we’ve taken the feature somewhere it has never been before: products! That sounds crazy right? It’s hard to believe that there’s currently no dedicated way to react to products — but it’s true!

Sure, star ratings and reviews once revolutionised the way we shop online. They brought certainty and reassurance to a brave, sometimes scary new world of choice. Slowly though, like so many of the old innovations, they’ve fallen pray to corruption and gaming (seriously, when you’re done here check that link, it’s wild). Today their value to the user has reduced almost to the point of uselessness. I mean honestly, who still blindly trusts a 5-star review on Amazon?

But this is reaction not review — instinct not critique

The truth is, you’ve probably been doing this already. Scroll through any influencer’s instagram comments and you’ll find 🔥 and 😱 maybe even occasionally 🤮 on their product posts. However, reacting like this is messy and hard to define. It’s the act of reaching, trying to force a platform to adapt to user behaviour it wasn’t designed for. We all need the space to speak, to be understood. Instagram just cannot meet that need but wysker can.

With our new features you can react and express yourself the same way wysker works — at the speed of your subconscious, flying on the tip of your thumb, existing in the gaps between heartbeats. Respond before you’ve had time to overthink it and let us lead you to the objects of your desires.

You should know though, reactions on wysker won’t tell you if the postman messed up a delivery or if ‘John Smith 32’ in Minnesota thought the quality was just “super”.

This is about taste-making and matters of taste matter

For the user, This means instant access to the cutting edge of the fashion zeitgeist. Up-to-date info on the hottest trends and the coolest new designers. That’s been missing from our home screens so far. We check twitter for what’s happening in the world, reddit for the latest memes, Facebook for… pyramid scheme pitches from people we went to high school with??? 😐

But where do we go to get an honest answer to what people actually think about products? If you said instagram then we’ve got a beach house in Idaho you might be interested in.

If a product is trending on wysker, it’s not because some New York marketing executive decided you should think it’s cool. It’s because our users were genuinly passionate about it and that passion benefits everyone.

For brands and influencers, no more endlessly scrolling through a chaotic swamp of tweets and comments, trying to understand user sentiment. With wysker reactions, the mood of a diverse highly engaged user base can be interpreted with ease. Get tailored insights into how users feel about your products and discover what’s exciting them and what’s leaving them cold. It’s a powerful source of information for brands wise enough to pay attention.

Reactions and comments are live on wysker now. Download the latest version here to join the fun and stay tuned for a game changing new update coming soon.

Online shopping is about to level up!


Life moves fast and so does wysker ✌️

Will Bell

Written by

Will Bell

Dopamine Producer @ wysker



Life moves fast and so does wysker ✌️

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