Formula #002 — Night Light

Maggie Mann
Nov 20, 2019 · 2 min read

Want to set the mood for the evening? We’ll walk you through how to use the Wyze Bulb and Wyze app to dim and brighten the lights in your home automatically. What you’ll need is a few Wyze Bulbs and a few minutes of setup.

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Formula ingredients

Wyze Bulb(s)

STEP 1 — Obtain as many Wyze Bulbs as you want for as many lights as you want to control. Login to your Wyze app. For information on how to get the Wyze app click here. Set up your Wyze Bulbs to your Wyze app, for information on how to set up the Wyze bulb click here.

STEP 2 — If you are using more than 1, add them to a group to limit the number of Rules needed to operate them. See below on how to group products.

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STEP 3 — In the Wyze app, create a new Rule at the top. You will want to select the Schedule rule. Select the Bulb or Bulb group you want to create the rule for.

STEP 4 — Set the action to change the Bulb or Bulb group’s brightness. For example, 50% brightness.

STEP 5 — Set the time for this rule to run. For example, at 8pm.

STEP 6 — Tap Save and repeat for each level of light dimming you want to accomplish. If you want to dim progressively, set the rules to be in 1-minute increments dimming by 10% each time. Example:

a. 8:00pm — 90%
b. 8:01pm — 80%
c. 8:02pm — 70%
d. 8:03pm — 60%
e. 8:04pm — 50%

STEP 7 (OPTIONAL) — You can use this to create a wake-up routine too, just set the times to match when your alarm is set and reverse the dimming to get brighter over time!

STEP 8 — Test for success!

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