Segregated funds tracker release

Current Status of the segregated funds

As of 04/02/2019, the inventory of the non-mined coins is distributed as follow:

Segregated funds balances (as of 04/02/2019)

How to check the funds status

To validate the segregated wallet’s balance, we are using cryptographic reserve proofs which allow confirming that a specific address holds a certain amount without revealing its public key. Once the funds are being spent, even partially, the reserve proof becomes inactive, and a new one needs to be generated.

Checking the wallet status in the explorer/website

Screenshot of the segregated funds explorer

Checking the wallet status in the CLI wallet

Because it could be clearly argued that the explorer induces a certain level of centralization and potential collusion, we are also publishing the reserve proof for anyone to manually check their validity directly in the blockchain.
To check the proof’s validity, follow the next steps:

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