X-CASH Major Update 1.4.0: FlexPrivacy©, CNv2, bulletproof and fixed ring size

Dear X-CASH Community,

Today, November 6th at around 6PM (GMT+1), we will update the network to the latest X-CASH release 1.4 with the hardfork (V10 then V11). There will be a few major changes and exciting additions to X-CASH, such as :

FlexPrivacy©: Chose between public or private transaction with the same account

FlexPrivacy© is the most anticipated feature that we have planned for X-CASH since the birth of the project :

FlexPrivacy© adds the possibility to send a public transaction or a private transaction from the same wallet on a per transaction basis.

It will be as easy as clicking a toggle switch in the GUI, and typing « public » in front of the transfer command in the CLI.

Private transactions will work the same as before, being fully anonymous from the use of stealth addresses and RingCT. Public transactions will show :
- Senders XCA address
- Receiver XCA address
- Amount sent
- The change amount sent back to the senders address

Note: These types of transaction will never compromise either the senders r receivers wallets full balance or the real mixin of where the X-CASH came from. It is very important to keep these two details always unknown in every transaction.

This system simulates the current fiat system :
- make a transaction using a check, credit card, bank transfer etc… and leave a transaction trail (public transaction)
- pay with cash from person to person, without any outside party witnessing the transaction (private transaction)
Either way, similar to the fiat system, there is no need to have multiple accounts to pay with cash or check. Your account balance, as well as the receiver’s account balance, is never made public.

Public transactions can be enabled on any X-CASH mining pool as well, and even on a per user bases (meaning you can decide if you want them enabled or not), so make sure to check with your mining pool to see if they support them.

You can start using public transactions right after the hard fork, there’s no need to create a new account either, they are compatible with all X-CASH accounts, created at any point in time.

Revamped block explorer

With this update, we will release the new X-CASH block explorer, from which you will be able to check transactions and blocks with better visibility and clarity.

The revamped block explorer will provide better reading of the blocks, and information from public and private transactions.

New additions comprise

  • a separate transaction pool for better readability on the front page;
  • an API tab;
  • statistics on the X-CASH network;

Fixed ring size

We this update, we decided to fix the ring size to 21. Fixing the ringsize enables better privacy, as to avoid multiple and unusual ringsizes that could be used to link transaction.
We found that 21 enabled a good compromise between quickness of execution, privacy, and low impact on size.

Bulletproof transaction

The latest addition of Monero 13.0. Bulletproof transaction enables much smaller transaction, hence decreased fees and more transaction per blocks. From now on, the blockchain size incrementation will decrease.

Switching algorithm

We are switching mining algorithm from CNv7 (=CNv1) to new ASIC resistant CNv8 (=CNv2). It is recommended to check if your mining software is compatible with the new cryptonight algorithm.

How to update

Please read the update instructions in the GitHub release: https://github.com/X-CASH-official/X-CASH/releases/tag/1.4.0