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XCASH Core and DPOPS Update

Dear Community,
Today we are releasing xcash-core 2.2.0 and xcash-dpops 1.2.0

Note: You will need to update before block height 910000 which is expected to happen around Wednesday, March 23, 2022 03:00:00 UTC

XCASH-CORE Update 2.2.0

Some highlights of this update:
- Updated hashes so xcashd can sync, before we fixed the issue.
- xcashd syncing improvements at block 910000
- Removed most mining code. Test show virus false positives dropped as well.
- Fixed the docker file
- Boost 1.77.0 compatibly
- GCC 11 compatibility
- Fixed debug build not working

You can read the full list, and how to install at https://github.com/X-CASH-official/xcash-core/releases/tag/2.2.0

XCASH-DPOPS Update 1.2.0

Some highlights of this update (and the 1.1.0 update):
- Fixed synchronize-database-from-network-data-node parameter
- Added delegate error reporting parameter
- Added limits to shared delegates API for pagination
- Fixed syncing stability at time 1648221480 (Friday, March 25, 2022 15:18:00 UTC)
- Fixed autoinstaller custom paths
- Fixed autoinstaller search strings for finding install locations to make them more robust

Instructions on how to update xcash-dpops is at https://discord.com/channels/470575102203920395/746277791556698182/952931355401015376

Thank you everyone.




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