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Share 1000 $POT in X Metaverse Airdrop event!

Earth civilization 2100 A.D. Humanity finally achieved warp drive technology on the eve of civilization collapse. Just at the dawn of large-scale exploration of outer space, a group of conspirators detonated a nuclear war. A group of peace-loving scientists quietly preserved the technology and built the last warp ship, which carried the spark for the restart of human civilization. You are part of the crew.

But the ship is attacked by those conspirators, causing the warp drive to malfunction. You travel to a parallel dimension ruled by silicon-based life and land on the mysterious Planet X. It’s a one-way trip, are you ready?

We are officially opening the entrance to X Metavers today with an airdrop event for Earth immigrants. At the same time, we hope that community members will use their strengths to build the future of the human metaverse through sermons, metaverse content creation, and building local language communities. Details of the event are as follows:


11/15 06:00–11/21 06:00 UTC



Rewards Rule

We will have three kinds of rewards for this event

1 We will randomly select 100 community members who have completed the House of Airdrops event through a robot lottery, and share 1000 $POT equally

2 We will retweet interesting content tweeted by community members and give extra 10 $POT each

3 We hope that participants will also contact us to become X Metaverse Ambassadors, remunerative (paid monthly). Interested parties can join our telegram group by sending DM to admin.

Airdrop house
Airdrop tasks on the wall

About X-Protocol

X Protocol is the first metaverse+ application portal programmed using RUST language with source-generated gameplay and land economy model.

It also provides low-cost access to the Metaverse for DAPPs on heterogeneous chains, sharing X Protocol’s users while making the X Protocol ecosystem more prosperous.

X Protocol will strive to become the “Ready Player one”’s World + STEAM platform in the blockchain space.

X Predict Market is a decentralized -APP cross-chain prediction platform on X Protocol.

It is designed to provide diversified, automated, safety-oriented, high-yield, socialized forecasting services, allowing users to freely initiate predictions and governance of real events, discuss and participate in incentive programs!

Please click the following links for further more information about the X-Protocol

Twitter | Telegram -english| Visit us on https://x-protocol.com/



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