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X Predict Market-UEFA EURO2020 Predict Event

Dear Community:

The UEFA that has attracted worldwide attention has begun! We all know that football is a game of reason and passion. Every football fan has their favorite team, and wants to support them to win the UEFA. So now, do you want to encourage them with practical action? And Do you want to see the visualized support in a crypto manner?

In order to provide a data platform of interoperability between football enthusiasts and the on-chain and off-chain world, as well as to thank the community for supporting X Predict Market.

X Predict Market decides to host a UEFA prediction campaign on testnet and give away $POT as a bonus pool.

X Predict Market- DAPP Test Guidelines

Term and conditions apply :

1、Please join the telegram group. https://t.me/XPredictMarket

2、Register your wallet according to Guideline and log into the X Predict Market betanet.

3、Sending message in telegram group: /get XXXXXXXXX (your wallet address) and you will get 100 TestCoins

Note:TestCoins can only be obtained once every 24h per telegram ID/address.

4、TestCoin will be sent to your address after being obtained successfully. Log into betanet to create the European Cup proposal and win more Test Coins!

5、The reward will be distributed based on the Top 5 address holding with test coins,when the whole period end.

Note: The closing time for each proposal is 1 hour before the start of the competition.

Bonus: After the European Cup Final, the 5 users with the most remaining test coins on their address will each obtain $POT of 200, 180, 160, 140, 120.

Stay tune with us ! Twitter |Telegram Group



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