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X Protocol Announces Strategic Partnership with Parami Protocol

X Protocol , a Web3.0 cross chain bridges technology and onchain data analysis infrastructure, with its mainly decentralized application X predict market, a new generation platform for Prediction, announces its new strategic partnership with Parami Protocol. Parami Protocol proposed an AD 3.0 paradigm powered by blockchain for Web 3.0.

The new strategic partnership with Parami Protocol will enhance mutual ecosystem development. Parami’s innovation in DID (Decentralized Identity ) will deliver a better DAPP user experience to users of X Predict Market while X Predict Market could leverage its user-centric advantage to offer Parami a large amount of user samples and better practice of DID technology. Both parties will have deeper communication in the aspects of liquidity providing, cross-chain swap and decentralized operations.

The partnership will not only achieve technological collaboration within the Web3.0 ecosystem, but also connect the communities of one another. Together, community members will interoperate and explore more potentials.

About Parami Protocol

Parami Protocol proposed an AD 3.0 paradigm for Web 3.0, to establish a user-centric tokenized advertising economy. AD3.0 is the accelerator of Web3.0, fueled by the Decentralized Identity (DID) and Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology stack. It aims at giving the rights and profits, which have been long exploited by Web2.0 service providers, back to the users. As a parachain built on Substrate, Parami protocol provides tokenized ads service for other parachains in Polkadot/Kusama through relay chains.

Please click the following links for further more information about the Parami Protocol:

Twitter | Telegram -english| Visit us on http://parami.io/

About X-Protocol
X Protocol -PolkaOracle Rebranded & Web3 Grant Project.

X Protocol -Polkadot based cross chain protocol that provides decentralized, safe and fast bridging solution.

It is designed to realize cross chain management of assets & data analysis aggregation between heterogeneous chains and expand business application scenarios through open application ecology.

X Predict Market is a decentralized cross-chain prediction platform on X Protocol.

It is designed to provide diversified, automated, safety-oriented, high-yield, socialized forecasting services, allowing users to freely initiate predictions and governance of real events, discuss and participate in incentive programs!

Please click the following links for further more information about the X-Protocol
Twitter | Telegram -english| Visit us on https://x-predict.com/



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