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X Protocol Development Timeline

AMA Hall — Exclusive Space: 2021/12/10
The airdrop hall can set up an exclusive space for projects that simultaneously conduct AMA, where users will not interfere with each other.

Airdrop Cabin: It’s launched, enjoy!

Doge Treasure Hunt Game: 2021/12/23
A mini-game created by the first scientists to arrive in the X-Metaverse allows players to earn token rewards while exploring the world of the X-Metaverse.

X-Metaverse Wedding Scene: 2021/12/25
X-Metaverse Distributed Office Scene: 2021/12/25
X-Metaverse Asian Sakura Blossom Landscape Scene: 2021/12/25
A scene built by X-Metaverse travellers to commemorate the homeland of the carbon-based worlds, which contains a channel linking to the carbon-based worlds.

X Predict Market Mainnet Launch: V1:2021/12/25 —V2:2022/1/28
All travellers arriving in the X-Metaverse were subjected to gravitational waves, various high-energy particle flows, and high-dimensional space folding during their interstellar travels, thus gaining the ability to capture information from different spaces, times and dimensions. As a result, scientists established the X Predict Market, where travelers can make predictions about everything that happens in the silicon-based and carbon-based worlds, and earn rewards from it. The mainnet is divided into two versions. In the V1 version, travellers of each dimension can only play in their own space for the moment. After the V2 version is launched, travellers of erc20, bsc and polygon can experience the DAPP without barriers through the cross-chain bridge.

X Protocol Cross-Chain Bridge: 2022/1/28
The original cross-chain bridge by X Protocol scientists aims to enable the communication of assets in different dimensions without barriers. The first application scenario for the X Protocol cross-chain bridge is the V2 version of the X Predict Market.

Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace: Before 2022/3/20
A place provides NFT cross-chain transaction and display for travellers

Airdrop + NFT Blind Box Game: 2021/12/20
One of the first third-party applications to enter the X-Metaverse, selling NFTs through blind boxes. X Protocol cooperates with the app developer to provide POT and other token airdrop rewards for blind boxes. Blind box sales will accept POT payment and integrate into POT’s deflationary economic model. The details of the gameplay will be revealed shortly before launch.

Fomo Metaverse NFT Game: Before 2022/2/14
One of the first third-party applications to enter the X-Metaverse, improved Fomo3D’s gameplay, and added NFT as the ultimate prize. X Protocol has partnered with application developers. And the game will use POT as the ticket to participate, while incorporating POT’s deflationary economic model.

X-Metaverse Battle Royale: Before Q2 of 2022
One of the first third-party applications to enter the X-Metaverse, the game is played in a manner similar to a 2.5D version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, in which travelers will experience the brutal side of the silicon-based world.
Travellers pay a small entrance fee to enter the game’s preparation space, which becomes part of the winner’s prize pool.
The preparation space allows you to buy equipment or bet your own assets to expand the prize pool and give yourself a larger percentage of the winnings if you win.
The three players who survive the longest will successfully eat the chicken and split all the prize money.
Detailed gameplay will be made public on the eve of launch, and the game will likewise incorporate a deflationary economic model that incorporates $POT

About X-Protocol

X Protocol is the first metaverse+ application portal programmed using RUST language with source-generated gameplay and land economy model.

It also provides low-cost access to the Metaverse for DAPPs on heterogeneous chains, sharing X Protocol’s users while making the X Protocol ecosystem more prosperous.

X Protocol will strive to become the “Ready Player one”’s World + STEAM platform in the blockchain space.

X Predict Market is a decentralized -APP cross-chain prediction platform on X Protocol.

It is designed to provide diversified, automated, safety-oriented, high-yield, socialized forecasting services, allowing users to freely initiate predictions and governance of real events, discuss and participate in incentive programs!

Please click the following links for further more information about the X-Protocol

Twitter | Telegram -english| Visit us on https://x-protocol.com/



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