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Announcement|Binance NFT Card Expedition Event

Event Description

Binance NFT Expedition Phase 2 registration officially opened.All users who hold Dream Card in Binance NFT can register for the second phase(Includes the first issue of Dream Card Special Edition series and Dream Card Mystery Box II and Dream Card Mystery Box III series cards ). After the registration time is over, Binance NFT will take a snapshot of all users holding Dream Card cards to confirm the cards in their accounts . During the snapshot period, please ensure that the cards in your account are not transferred or put up for sale, otherwise you will lose the expedition qualification.

Heroic Expedition is a special NFT card Staking game launched by Dream Card Games. By adding cards to the expedition, you can start mining for XWG token revenue, and players can withdraw the produced XWG tokens to the BSC wallet address at any time. This event is exclusive for Binance NFT users. Users who own NFT cards issued by X World Games can sign up for the event through the event registration form to get XWG token earnings.

Event time

Application period:Oct. 20 ~ Oct. 25, 10:00AM (UTC)

Binance NFT Snapshot Time: Oct. 26 ~ Nov. 01, 10:00AM (UTC)

Start time: Nov. 03, 10:00AM (UTC)

Ending date: Dec. 02, 10:00AM (UTC)

To register (Register via the event registration form)

  1. Fill in the address of the BSC wallet for prize collection (for expedition rewards). This will be your Metamask, TrustWallet etc… or the wallet connected to the address you use for your Dream Card account;
  2. Fill in the Binance UID of the DreamCard held at Binance NFT;
  3. Binance UID search method:

Login to https://www.binance.com/en/nft Click “User Center” to enter.

Click on the Copy button next to the UID to get the Binance UID.

Note:Please ensure that the information submitted is correct and cannot be modified after it is submitted.

Registration link:https://forms.gle/4pnk7HNdJ3kjBk4G8

Activity rules

  1. This event is an exclusive expedition for Binance NFT users, with an exclusive mining pool (40,000 $XWG can be mined daily). The proceeds of the expedition are related to the total value of the cards registered, and the higher the quality of the cards, the higher the proceeds;
  2. Users who have Dream Card cards in their Binance NFT accounts are eligible to participate in this event. Please ensure that the cards in your account are not transferred or put up for sale during the Binance NFT snapshot time, otherwise you will lose your eligibility for the expedition;
  3. Once the event has begun, participating players can check and receive their expedition rewards through the event page provided by DreamCard;
  4. Expedition mining for NFT cards STAKING, and a small Gas fee is required to collect the proceeds;
  5. Please ensure that the information submitted is correct and cannot be modified after it is submitted.

Cards correspond to the reference value

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