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Dream Card V2 Talent System Introduction

The Talent System is a training system that uses Talent Debris to upgrade Talent Cards to improve the overall attributes of the team on the battlefield. Each player has 9 Talent grids, and all activated talent attributes take effect during battle.

Talent Props

Talent Card:NFT props on the chain, a total of 5 qualities (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Myth), could be equipped to the talent grid and traded freely on the chain;

Talent Debris:used for upgrading talent cards, which can be stacked;

How to get

Players have a 5% chance to get Talent Debris and Talent Cards by opening Dream Card V2 Treasure Chest upon clearing a chapter; 50/50 chance for getting either Talent Debris or Talent Cards.

Talent Skills

Talent is divided into 3 categories of 6 different skill attributes . Each player has 9 Talent Grids. Each Talent Grid can be equipped with a Talent Card, but can not be repeatedly provided. The higher the quality and skill level of the Talent Card, the higher the attribute value.

Talent skill upgrade

Equip the Talent Card to the corresponding Talent Grid to activate the talent skill. You can use Talent Debris to upgrade the skill. The Talent Skill can be maximum upgraded up to Level 5.

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