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Keeping Up in April | New $XWG Tokenomics, LUCID, Project Vapor, Ragnarök, and More

It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Keeping Up in April | Monthly Recap

April’s coming to a close but major X World Games updates are just getting started! Throughout the month we’ve rolled out some huge changes to our World Games ecosystem and Dream Card series. We’ve previewed our new Play-To-Earn-To-Stake model, introduced LUCID, developed our new ELO season for Dream Card v1 called Ragnarök, and much more!

In the spirit of “springing forward” and in light of our massive planned changes for X World Games, we’ve released an article discussing what’s to come for the month of May. If you want to preview what we will be rolling out in May, make sure you check out our coming soon updates.

Feeling like you missed something this month? No problem we got you covered!

Let’s recap what X World Games brought you for the month of April 2022:

Dream Card Updates

LUCID and Project Vapor launched on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.

LUCID is now on Dream Card v2! As previewed it will be the primary rewards asset and replace XWG. Dream Card v2 treasure boxes will now only include, LUCID, talent cards, and lottery tickets.

Project Vapor will reduce gas fees for players of Dream Card v2. We will be bringing a number of off-chain transactions on-chain, read more to find out about the changes to ticket fees, treasure boxes, talent backpacks, and lottery boxes.

Reworking our tokenomics on Dream Card v2: LUCID and Project Vapor

Beta testing for the Ragnarok ELO season Dream Card v1 is live! Stay up to date on our Twitter so you don’t miss your chance to participate in the next one. Also stay tuned for the new season, coming out in May!

Ragnarok will be revolutionizing Dream Card v1 — stay tuned!
  • New Heroes Launched and Mystery Box Changes

We launched 2 Dream Card Hero Mystery Boxes partnered on Binance NFT.

New Heroes Launched: Knight Andal and Mage Anubis, Knight Reilly and Archer Eula

Heroes released in Mystery Boxes will now have rarity levels ranging from Rare, and then to Epic, Legendary, and Myth. Common cards are removed from all future hero card drops.

Reilly and Eula Mystery Box — HURRY they might be still available HERE

Season 6 of Dream Card’s Bounty Hunter system is closed. Huge changes will be coming to the system as we rework some of our asset provisions so stay tuned to our Twitter and Medium to learn more.

HUGE changes coming to the Bounty Hunter system soon!

XWG Development

We’ve previewed some huge changes to our tokenomics system in April. With the introduction of our two new BEP-1155, in-game assets: LUCID & SHARD, XWG’s play-to-earn mechanisms were changed to our brand new Play-To-Earn-To-Stake (P2E2S) mechanism. These changes will affect Dream Card v1 and v2, and staking pools.

Get ready for our new Play-To-Earn-To-Stake model!

LUCID will be the primary play-to-earn reward asset replacing XWG. LUCID will be essential to the new Play-to-Earn-to-Stake model to earn XWG and in card crafting mechanisms like Fusion and Evolution.

New In-Game Asset — LUCID: Wen LUCID?

Thanks to our wonderful XWG community, we now have a collection of comprehensive game guides for Dream Card v1 and v2, developed by the community, for the community.

The top winner however was… @RayZ_real! Check out his video HERE.

We will be coming out with a collaborated community highlight about @RayZ_real, and stay tuned for updates to our Gitbook, as we will be posting participants’ entries on our official How-To-Play guide page.

Dream Card Game Guide Contest Completed

XWG Partnerships

It’s been a great month for XWG and we’re incredibly grateful to be sharing our success with our partners! Read more about our collaborations throughout April to learn all about how the XWG community is growing.

X World Games & Metasense
X World Games & NFTrade
X World Games Partnership with Brave Browser by Basic Attention Token
XWG x IVY Market Co-Marketing Prize Pool

XWG Community Updates

Our community is what we owe a lot of the success of XWG to, so we’re always looking for opportunities to interact with you all!

Our Facebook/Meta page is back! Check us out at XWGgames for regular community updates.

Can’t be a metaverse game without a presence on Meta!
Edwin & Kata Community AMA
  • Kata attends the BTC conference in Miami — Check out her review of the conference here.
Kata in BTC Miami 2022

XWG Growth

XWG Token Kucoin Listing
$XWG Token XT.COM Listing
Hoo’s XWG Deposit & Stake Event
  • Gametaverse lists X World Games as one of the top 3 blockchain games by Market Cap
TOP 3 Card Blockchain Game from Gametaverse
#2 Ranking under BnbChain Gamefi on DappRadar
$XWG token LATOKEN Listing
Stake $XWG with LBank

April Completed!

As we wind down on an amazing first quarter of 2022, the XWG team would like to thank the community most of all for their continued support of our games. We’ll be working hard this year to bring you guys exciting new projects/updates and continue to build for you! Stay tuned as we’re also preparing to announce a huge new project in the coming months (BTS: VR gaming, Dream Girls, v3, and more).

Thank you XWG Family!

X World Games 💖is a unique blockchain-based game ecosystem, aims to make blockchain features simple and fun for non-crypto players to own their NFTs.





X World Games is the next-generation decentralized gaming metaverse

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