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Keeping up in November | 7/24 Online Customer Support

Hope all our X World Fam had a happy and sweet Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Looking back at all our Keeping Up (Monthly Report) series, which started in June, where we share our program process, community growth, and marketing events about the X World Games. We are grateful and can’t help but marvel at the achievements we made together, reminding us that the community is always our core asset, an invaluable part of X World Games, a key component to success.

Dream Card 2.0- Ready to Go

For November, Dream Card 2.0 is our top priority. Timestamp-wise, the development of 2.0 is now in the final stage. The Alpha closed version will be released in December! We are always conscious about the whole “don’t jinx it!” but this time we are letting out a bit of ‘’All the hard work is worth it!” prior to the finish line- just the right amount.

Dream Card 2.0 will feature a whole new set of game-play mechanisms and algorithms in its PvE mode. So for all our Dream Card 1.0 players who have been with us from the beginning and who have come this far here comes what you’ve all been waiting for- we highly encourage you to apply for being a Dream Card 2.0’s test version player- the application opens the first week of December. So stay tuned and we’ll take you on a new adventure in Dream Card 2.0!

Speaking of the name of the game, the previous code name is Dream Card 2.0. We’ve seen perspective and future potential on the 2.0 version featured with the full-scaled story background, a more competitive game-level adventure, and a more incentive inner ecosystem. All heroes are lined up clearly with different classes, skills, and elements, providing an integrated front-end display.

There are 10 series of game plots consisting of 10 levels in-game. Here comes the beauty of Dream Card 2.0’s PvE mode- players are now able to purchase assets of their preferences and choices- could be a monster, a piece of land, and/or a set of pieces in the plot; such purchases would in turn benefit players with lasting revenues generated by and in positive correlation with the game plots playing volume. On top of which, participating in each and every level of the game plot will generate and reward the player a lottery ticket that’s designed for getting you a chance to win your share at the Prize Pool. Anyways, be prepared, and the Dream Alpha invitation will arrive for you soon.

In other news, X World Games will launch our very own Customer Service on our website to provide 7/24 assistance. This new feature has been under development once we’d realized the size and diversity of our community- the sheer number and volume, the different time zones and the overwhelming passion and (sometimes tough) love you guys have for X World Games! Now with this new and long called-for helper, X World Games Customer Service will be 24 hrs standing by and bring us even closer heading forward together!

Game Development:

The Alpha version of Dream Card 2.0 has been wrapped up

Customer Service Bot launched.

Bounty Hunter (Expedition 2.0) &Bounty Hunter Combination Breakdown — 2021S1

XWG-USDC Liquidity Pool Farming

The Avatar Customization delayed

Dream Card 1.0: Bugs Fixing & Optimization

Fixed the problem of repeatedly effective bonds;

Fixed the problem of some card data abnormalities;

Fixed ELO deck information update problem;

Fixed the problem of incorrect display of ELO match records;

Fixed the problem that the card display interface does not show the newly added cards;

Fixed the card roll-out problem;

Fixed the problem of abnormal display of cards transferred into the game;

Some accounts cannot withdraw problems fixed.

Dream Card 1.0 In-Game Analytics

X World Games has been launched on Dune Analytics, where our users could easily find out the data analysis about XWG Token and Dream Card NFT assets.

Learn more details here:X World Games — Dune Analytics

AMA with Community

Telegram AMA: Edwin Liu and The Crypto Factory

Twitter live: Community AMA with J0UINSS8

$XWG Ecosystem:

Total Cap:10,000,000,000

Transaction: 919,822

Holders:104,227 addresses

X World Games 💖is a unique blockchain-based game ecosystem, aims to make blockchain features simple and fun for non-crypto players to own their NFTs.





X World Games is the next-generation decentralized gaming metaverse

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