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Keeping Up in October|The Beginning of Meta X World Games

Happy Halloween to all X World Community! With the community growing, we saw lots of X-freshmen joining us everywhere in the Dream Card game, in Twitter threads, or in our telegram group. Welcome (with flowers and champagne)!

In October’s report, we’ll proudly bring you all the latest and greatest with what’s happening around X World Games! A coin always has two sides, while we are always trying our best to toss for getting our head up high, it also comes with the learning curve that sometimes we do face plunk and facepalm… But for sure, we’re committed to improving any minor flaws in-game, building a harmonious community, and developing new attractive gameplay.

Follow the initial, explore more potentials! At the beginning of the report, we’d like to highlight that we are going to work with more traditional game creators and labs, bringing them into the crypto gaming metaverse. In the following days, you may hear more good news about that. Stay tuned.

Game development:

Staking Pool

We’ve launched the NFT Staking Pool and hit up to 335% APR on the X World Games website to cater players’ needs. Now players are able to directly stake their cards in the website’s pool without being charged gas fees from swap-in and out of the operation. Additionally, the Token Pool and Special Edition Card Pool will be launched shortly after, stay tuned!

To learn more details, please read our Pool Guide written by J0UNSS8, whose community update articles have been widely applauded for how they are fun to read and filled with well-articulated tips.

Avatar Customization&BinanceNFT Card-Swap Function

Like me ma always said, good things take time. Unfortunately, this is how we gonna sound now-the avatar customization feature will have to wait a bit longer for its debut, instead of late October as we initially planned and announced. Don’t make that pout face yet as the card-swap function of BinanceNFT cards is coming soon- all BinanceNFT exclusive cards will be enabled to staked on the X World Games website to earn XWG tokens in a couple of weeks. Stake-to-Earn!

-secret piece of avatar development-

ELO Mechanism Improvement

Before the fourth ELO season begins, we upgraded the algorithm of ELO system to better levelling the playing field for all Dream Card commanders. Noticed how the robots have disappeared from the ranking list? Consequently, more real players hit the leaderboard. Now more per capital gain for real players with a total of up to 40K XWG tokens!

Password-Change Function

Finally, the Password-Change function!! (crying outta joy) Gotta say It’s a weird setting that players can only use their initial password for good, speaking of the mangled side of our “coin”… Anyway, this no-change-password function might’ve encouraged players to remember their password, just like how we have to remember our private key, but wasn’t user-friendly. So we listened and took care of it- say bye-bye to the previous setting and embrace the changeable password!

Bug Fixing & Optimization

  1. Fixed the bug of initialization page of activities couldn’t be displayed properly;
  2. Fixed the bug of music and sound buttons on-off reversed.
  3. ELO function optimization, matching mechanism adjusted to match players according to win points.
  4. Fixed the in-game bug of some accounts that couldn’t log in.

Development Progress:

Dream Card in-game analysis

$XWG Ecosystem:

  • Total Cap:100,000,000
  • Transaction:660,073
  • Holders:100,885 addresses

X World Games 💖is a unique blockchain-based game ecosystem, aims to make blockchain features simple and fun for non-crypto players to own their NFTs.





X World Games is the next-generation decentralized gaming metaverse

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