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X World Games: Monthly Rewind — August 2021

August has been a HECTIC month for X World Games! We’ve hit quite a few milestones on game development, community fostering, and the token market. As always, X World Games is committed to perfecting a decentralized gaming platform for the next generation. While fully acknowledging it’s a marathon not a sprint, we never ceased moving forward.

➡️Here’s a recap on what we have achieved in August:


🥇BSC MVB2 Top 10

🥈 Crytodiffer Top BSC DAPPs by Active Users — #2

🥉 BSC Top Users in 30 Days — #3

🏆 Coin 98 Top 10 Social Signal Projects — #4

🏆 DappRadar Top BSC Projects — #5

🎖️ Binance NFT Marketplace Special Contributor

🔵$XWG Ecosystem:

-Total Cap:10,000,000,000

-Transaction: 409,471

-Holders: 88,728 addresses

🔵Development progress:


  • UI updated
  • Filter function
  • Auction
  • Mystery box

-Game Development:

  • Skill slot of Common Cards added
  • ELO adventure launched
  • Improving worldwide servers
  • In-game $XWG withdrawal function launched
  • Reward claim page added
  • Improving the matching algorithm
  • Bugs fixed
  • Pancakeswap USDC trading pair added


  • + 2 customer support
  • Ongoing recruitment


-Dream Card August Analysis:

  • Total New User Registration:666,544
  • August Daily Active Users (DAU):48,825
  • August Total Battle Times:15,449,081
  • Social Signal:+3835.07%↑


  • Twitter:150K community reached
  • Telegram: Nearly 100K community
  • Discord: 27K community with weekly event
  • Reddit: Steadily growing
  • Facebook: Steadily growing
  • Youtube: +Dream Card 2.0 introduction video

🔵Marketing events:

-CMC Airdrop-100,000 $XWG

-Join the CMC Diamond program

-Vietnam NFT&GameFi 360 Expo

-Coin68 Q&A session with Fernando Liu

-BinanceNFT exclusive Expedition

-Twitter event-Celebrating BSC 1st Anniversary

-Live streaming on PlayToEarnDaily & X World Games’ Discord

-QIXI rewarding quiz giveaway

-Twitter event-Create & Earn

-Partnership with Babylons NFTs Marketplace

-Partnership with JOJO NFTs Marketplace

🔵Global community management

+2 community moderators(from the US & India)

🔵What’s for September?

-Live streaming of Dream Card go online

-Name customization

-launch new gameplay-Prize Pool

-New edition of Mystery box on BinanceNFT

-Launch Expedition 2.0

Stay tuned!

X World Games 💖is a unique blockchain-based game ecosystem, aims to make blockchain features simple and fun for non-crypto players to own their NFTs.





X World Games is the next-generation decentralized gaming metaverse

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